Friends of Seladon «Aktiv seglas».

Since 2000, our work on the cutter Seladon has been supported by the Friends of the Seladon (known as “Aktiv Seglas” in Norwegian). This network of volunteers helps us in so many ways, lending us not only their economic support, but their time and talents as well on a myriad of projects both onboard and on land.

But the Friends of the Seladon is more than that. Members get discounts on our services, access to special classes and trips and priority in scheduling their own custom tours. And each spring and fall there is a special members-only weekend event at Smedholmen; we work on boats, sheer the sheep and enjoy a cruise on the Seladon. It’s a great opportunity to make new friends, meet old ones, and enjoy the rich coastal culture of Western Norway.

An annual membership costs just 200 NOK. To join the Friends of the Seladon, just contact Gerd Skumsnes at

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