About us

Who We Are

We are two friends and business partners, Einar and Terje. Our business centers around the Seladon, a wooden 19th century-style sailing ship we carefully restored ourselves. Between the two of us we have more than 80 years experience sailing on the coast of Western Norway and around in the world. We belong to a long and storied tradition of sailors that reaches back to the Viking Age. Like those who came before us, we wear many hats; we are carpenters and craftsmen, we are fisherman and farmers; but most of all we are sailors and teachers. Our mission is to teach others about sailing, the sea and living in balance with nature on the coast of Western Norway. The sea has always defined us Norwegians; we want to teach future generations the lifeways and ethics that have sustained our people for centuries.

 What We Do

We offer a variety of sailing experiences to individuals, families and businesses. We can teach you about sailing, we can take you fishing, or we can just bring you on a peaceful sailing voyage. Trips can range from a half day to a week or more. Although we have a few set routes and trips we take every year, most of our tours are made by arrangement with clients, so contact us to book your own custom voyage. We also work closely with a number of local businesses and organizations, so it is possible to coordinate a sailing trip with a guided hike inland, a visit to a museum or an overnight stay on land at a hotel. Just contact us for more details.

Most often we sail near our home in Fitjar, just south of Bergen, where a maze of islands provide stunning scenery and sheltered, relaxed sailing conditions. But the Seladon is no stranger to the open sea or the deep-water fjords of Hardanger, Sogn and more.


The basic facts: The Seladon is a 60-foot, two-masted cutter that we rebuilt on our own. She sleeps up to 12 passengers but can take as many as 35 on a day trip. She features two bathrooms, running water, and a full-service galley. Despite her modern conveniences and state of the art safety equipment, her heart and soul belong to a previous century. You won’t find many nylon ropes or chrome cranks anywhere on the Seladon – sailing her requires the grit and skill of another time.

 Try out 19th century accommodation

We also offer 19th century accommodations on the island of Smedholmen. Located just outside of Fitjar, Smedholmen is our home base and workshop where we maintain the Seladon and work to restore other old boats. Smedholmen is also an officially recognized natural recreation area, featuring several beaches and camping spots. Near our workshop you will find two restored farmhouses, both available to stay in. One features modern conveniences, while the other has been kept as it was, with no electricity or running water. Staying at Smedholmen is a truly unique opportunity.

No matter where you stay, on Smedholmen you will find windswept hills, stunning views of the sea, rocky beaches and best of all, peace and quiet.

 How We Got Here

Both of us were born and raised here in Western Norway. Although we met in a trade school while studying to be electricians, we soon discovered a mutual love for sailing and searched for a way to make our living on the sea.

The Seladon was built in Hardanger, Norway in 1937. Based on an English design from the 1800s, cutters like the Seladon were once common throughout the Norwegian coast, where she served for many years as a fishing vessel. We found her in 1980, and carefully restored and refitted her. This was a demanding process that took 13 years of our lives. It was well worth it.

In the 30 years we have worked on the Seladon we have taken thousands of clients on voyages too numerous to name; Sailing to Lofoten in 6 weeks with 6 groups; sailing across the North Sea to the Faroe Islands, Shetland and the Orkneys to meet the descendants of Norwegian settlers that left a thousand years ago… 

 Contact Us

To learn more about the Seladon, rates or to book a tour, contact Einar Matre at einmat@online.no and tlf. 90894857, If we don’t get back to you right away, it is because we are at sea; we will reply as soon as we can.


Friendship of Seladon And Smedholmen KN
Since 2000, our work on the cutter Seladon has been supported by the Friends of the Seladon (known as “Aktiv Seglas” in Norwegian). This network of volunteers helps us in so many ways, lending us not only their economic support, but their time and talents as well on a myriad of projects both onboard and on land.


But the Friends of the Seladon is more than that. Members get discounts on our services, access to special classes and trips and priority in scheduling their own custom tours. And each spring and fall there is a special members-only weekend event at Smedholmen; we work on boats, sheer the sheep and enjoy a cruise on the Seladon. It’s a great opportunity to make new friends, meet old ones, and enjoy the rich coastal culture of Western Norway.


An annual membership costs just 200 NOK. Pay too acount: 35205671364  To learn more or to join the Friends of the Seladon, just contact Gerd Skumsnes, at skums@online.no.

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